Day One

First Day:

Introductions-Mary Jane and I worked with one of the interns on the project Amanda Fonorow, who is also a student in the MLIS program at UNCG.  All of the books were shelved in loose categories such as Architecture and Foreign Language, by Karla (the curator), in order to help us get an idea of the content of the library.  There are two separate rooms housing books downstairs in the library with pretty similar shelving in both, so we decided to start in the left room at the back and work our way up and right, across the house.  The only slight hiccup in this plan was that the Architecture books (Architecture is the subject we chose to begin with) were shelved on the opposite side of the house at the end of our decided stacks.  This turned out to work fine with a little creative moving and shelving.  We are also able to use the tops of the shelves (they are about 4 feet high) to stack books in transition.

After deciding on our shelving order and practice we started cataloging in LibraryWorld.  Mary Jane instructed Amanda and I how do some basic adding of records and we all got busy working through individual stacks of books.  In total we cataloged 50 books on the first day and found only 2 that either didn’t have records in LibraryWorld or weren’t assigned call numbers. We decided on a system for putting these books aside until we collect a stack of 10 or more and then working from there to catalog them.

The first day went well, with a few major issues decided on.  Amanda and I gained enough familiarity with LibraryWorld that Mary Jane was able to let us work on our own from here on out, with the option of consulting her with any questions via email or phone.


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