Question and Answer #1

This recurring blog segment is a continuing list of some of the more challenging obstacles we are encountering during the cataloging project and their respective solutions.


One of the Oversize shelves.

What to do with oversize books?

This has been by far the most stressful element in the process up to this point (in my opinion anyways).  I didn’t realize the collection contained so many oversize books, but being a furniture library, with most books dealing with the subjects of art and design, I guess it seems obvious after the fact.  There are already five entire bookcases devoted to oversized books plus one section of another bookshelf.  The chief difficulty lies in the fact that the remainder of the shelves on the main cases are spaced so that there is a maximum of 28 cm for each of the top two shelve,s with 32 cm for the bottom. We have quite a few books larger than 28 cm.  One possible option we have discussed is adjusting the shelves (they are the adjustable metal kind) to measure 29 cm for each top shelf taking away two centimeters from the bottom.  The problem with this is that the way the shelves adjust doesn’t allow for such specification of measurement.



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