Today Mary Jane and I began the process of labeling the 400 or so books we have cataloged so far.  The process was fairly painless, with only minor setbacks and a few do-overs.

The labels and labeling tape came in on Monday, and Mary Jane came over as soon as she could to help get us started on the process.  First we ran a report without printing to make sure there were no errors in our labels.  We found around 8 call numbers that needed to be reformatted, and corrected those before our first printing attempt.  Karla printed out labels from the LibraryWorld website for our first 200 books, after setting the correct printing margins in Internet Explorer (recommended browser).  The only problem we encountered with our first printed batch was that some sheets were printing with a header (page number) and a footer (date) throwing off the alignment, causing the labels to print a little off of the stickers. This was an easy fix after Mary Jane figured out the proper printing specifications, and we quickly achieved perfect results.

Next Mary Jane and I moved on to the labeling process.  Almost all of the books already have stickers on the spines with numbers from a previous cataloging system. We decided to place the new labels over these old labels, instead of going for uniformity of placement.  Otherwise the old labels would stick out, or be completely uncovered, and we thought covered would look better.

The labels don’t print in order of call number, so it took a while to locate each book on the shelf and then stick on the label and then re-shelve it.  This process will become easier once we finish our backlog, as we will be doing only 30 books at a time (each sheet of labels contains 30 labels), and they won’t be shelved prior to labeling.  Plus the books that are shelved will have labels already making them much easier to scan on the shelves than they are now, with only cataloging slips.

For thin books that don’t allow the entire call number to fit on the spine vertically, Karla decided we should stick those on vertically with the first two lines of the call number on the spine and the rest of the call number sticking over the back of the book, to aid in quick shelf scanning.


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