Week Two in Review

The second week of the project was a great week for making major progress.  Our labels and label tape came in on Monday afternoon and Mary Jane came over on Tuesday afternoon to help us get set up.  After working out a few printer kinks (margins, headers and footers, etc.), we were quickly caught up with all of the label printing after a few days.  We had two new volunteers start this week: Katie from the UNCG Library and Information Studies program, and Justin from the NC Central University Library Program.  After only one afternoon they had almost our entire backlog of cataloged books labeled and shelved!

We did have a few minor issues with the label printing.  We realized that if a call number has too many spaces in between each part, when the label prints, a line will be skipped and left blank.  Also, sometimes volume numbers don’t get printed.  Mary Jane found a work around for the volume numbers, but it is kind of involved, so we may seek further instruction from the customer service staff at LibraryWorld for an easier solution.

As per advice given by Mary Jane, we have decided to catalog 30 books at a time, and then print a sheet of labels.  Meaghan, Amanda, and I will probably set aside most of the labeling/shelving for Katie and Justin to do, and focus primarily on cataloging.

As of today we have cataloged a little over 700 books, this being the bulk of the regular size collection from one of the two main collection rooms.  We are quickly working our way through the regular collection and will probably be starting on oversize and foreign language in the not too distant future.  This week Karla and some of the library’s board members made the decision to shelve the foreign language books in a separate foreign language section, rather than have them interspersed throughout the general collection.  So up to this point we will have a regular size general section, an oversize section, and a foreign language section divided by language.  This makes sense due to the fact that a large percentage of the collection is comprised of foreign language books.

Overall, I would say that week two went very well, and I hope that the remaining weeks run as smoothly.


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