More Tips

We have been discovering small glitches in our system as we are working through the labeling process.  So in an attempt to prevent others from having to spend a lot of time going back and changing their work, here are a few tips for anyone using LibraryWorld to print labels:

  • If you have a collection numbering in the 100-999 range and are supplying your own barcode numbers, use three digit numbers from the start.  If your collection is 1000+ use four digit barcode numbers.  And so on.  When running Catalog Label reports for printing, the system includes single digit numbers and double digit numbers along with the three digit numbers.  So for example if you are printing barcode numbers 880-889, numbers 8 and 88 will be included on your report if they aren’t numbered as 008 and 080.
  • Volume numbers print according to the Local Call Number field, so if you have say a 3 volume set, the record will have only one Local Call Number field with no volumes added, and will just print out three call number labels without any volumes.  We haven’t found a way to fix this yet but will let you know as soon as we do.

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