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Furniture World Magazine Article About the Project


Almost There!

We finished taking all of the books off of the shelves earlier this week! The only cataloging we have left involves books with no record in LibraryWorld, a few serials for Mary Jane, and some books in the back store room that Karla needs to add to the main collection. I guess we will be shelving soon!

Oversize Foreign Language Labels

One difficulty we have come up against with our labeling process is that of how to fit everything in the allotted space.  The labels print a little low so with items that have an oversize tag, language tag,  cutters, date, and/or volume numbers it gets a little tight.  In order to get the ‘Oversize’ to print at all on the FL books we are having to put the tag in the Branch field temporarily and then move it after the labels are printed back to location with the FL tag. The labeling system isn’t perfect but so far we haven’t come against any obstacles that we couldn’t work around.

items without records in libraryworld

We have this entire truck plus probably one more truck worth of books that don't have records in LibraryWorld from the FL section.









We are almost finished with the last section of foreign-language-oversize books! Meaning we will be almost completely finished cataloging withing the next week or so. Probably.  There are a lot more items in the FL collection that don’t have records available in LibraryWorld so we are having to look elsewhere for those.  We also have a bunch of serials from the foreign language collection to go through as well and a few shelves of English-language books in the back inventory area to catalog.

Some beautiful images

Last week was Spring Break for most of us at the Furniture Library. This week Amanda and I are slowly but surely continuing to work through the foreign-language collection.

Here are some images to illustrate the more interesting items from last week:






































































Meaghan being interviewed for future website content.










This week we passed the 2000-item mark!  We also got our new bookends today and Justin, Katie, and I took apart another shelf to make room for more oversize.  Amanda is still busy cataloging items from the bookstore and I am working my way through the foreign-language collection.

We are putting our small pamphlets in plastic sleeves so they don't get lost on the shelves.