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In our serials room (UP-3) we found a stack of spiral bound reports published by AKTRIN Research Institute.  I’m not sure exactly what these are beyond financial reports, but they seem like a good resource for anyone researching trends in the furniture industry.

AKTRIN reports (almost all of these have Library of Congress records!)



Last week Devon started us off with cataloging in upstairs Room 2.  Today I finished up with the items from UP-1 that needed records from Mary Jane, and started on those in UP-3.  There aren’t too many in UP-3, so I should finish that by tomorrow.  UP-2 is going well.  So far there are more items with no records in LibraryWorld than there were in UP-1, but that was expected as the items are generally older and more obscure.

Room 2 (Woodwork and Textiles)

Moving on to Room 2

So far this week we have finished with most of the cataloging, labeling, and shelving from Room 1 (Interior Design).  We only have remaining a few items with no records in LibraryWorld and we will be completely finished with that section!  No problems so far, everything is going very smoothly.

We will be moving into Room 2 next week and continuing to work on the serials room.

Books on color

From a book on screen printing.

From a book on color printing

Art and The Machine!

Whatever happened to these kinds of cars?

Phase 2 Week 2

This week we had two new volunteers start working on the project, Jenny and Devon.  Jenny started out labeling and shelving and will hopefully get into some cataloging next week and Devon started cataloging books from the Interior Design Room.  I am really enjoying their company as it gets a little lonely on the second floor, plus they have been a huge help this week (along with Amanda) in getting a lot of the work done in the Interior Design Room while I work on serials.  I created a spreadsheet, as per suggestion by Mary Jane, including information about each serials collection we have, such as title, publisher, publisher location, and then dates and volumes that are in our collection.  Mary Jane is going to use the spreadsheet to import records for each title and assign LC Call Numbers. We have some really old magazines going back to the late 1800’s, so it has been a fun experience looking through them all.

Phase 2

Labels for UP-1 (Interior Design Room)

On May 1st we officially began the second phase of the project, which involves cataloging all of the books on the second floor of the furniture library.  So far everything has moved along very smoothly, with over 300 books cataloged in the first week.  We decided to start with the Interior Design room, which is the room upstairs on the left if you are facing the stairs.  We are calling the room UP-1 in the catalog for location purposes, and will move clockwise around the upstairs to UP-2 (woodworking) and UP-3 (serials).

So far most of the books in the UP-1 have Library of Congress records available in LibraryWorld, so things have been moving much more quickly than during phase one.  We are very excited to have Amanda as a volunteer, now that she has finished her internship, as she is a huge help and a great cataloger.  We have a few more new volunteers starting later this week, and hope to have Katie back as well.

Today Karla and I made the decision to have a small foreign language section upstairs as needed.  UP-1 already has a few foreign language books, but we don’t expect many more, and we decided that those items really needed to stay in that room rather than be incorporated into the FL collection downstairs.

Interior Design Room