Monthly Archives: June 2012

Sort of the end of Phase II

We are nearing completion of the second phase (upstairs) of the cataloging project.  We only have a few hard-to-find items left to catalog, and then some reorganization of the magazine collection and we will be ready to move on to the Rare Books Room Phase.


Textiles, Woodworking, Ironwork, Silver, Glass, and Clocks





Wood and textiles room

As of the first of June we are a little more than a third of the way finished with the Wood and Textiles Room (UP-2).  There have been surprisingly few items that we can’t find in LibraryWorld, so the work in this room is moving along pretty quickly. I found a couple of boxes of pamphlets that I need to go through next week and a few serials that can be moved into the serials room with the rest of their family.  We have also seen a good deal of government issued publications and instruction manuals, but fortunately these have all had records available from the Library of Congress.




What wood is that?

One of the many wood identification manuals in our upstairs collection.

This manual includes a foldout collection of samples at the front of the book.