About the Contributors

Mary Jane Conger: Currently I am the head of the Cataloging Dept., University Libraries, University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  I became head of the dept. in 2006.  I was originally hired at UNCG in 1977 to be the serials cataloger which later expanded to be serials and electronic resources cataloger.   In my spare time I am the church librarian for Starmount Presbyterian Church and consult with churches who are interested in setting up a parish library or to revitalize an existing library.   Recently I combined my interest in small libraries with my university library to successfully organize and catalog materials located in the Interior Architecture Library on campus.  That led me to my current project to serve as a resource person for organizing and cataloging the Furniture Library in High Point, North Carolina.

Maggie Willis, Project Coordinator: I am a second year grad student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in the Library and Information Studies program.  As a student I am focusing on the cataloging aspect of librarianship, and I  have completed a practicum in the Cataloging Department of Jackson Library at UNCG and am currently employed there as a student assistant. This experience is a first for me in many ways:  this will be my first time working outside of an academic library, my first time as a Project Coordinator, my first time working with LibraryWorld, and my first involvement in the creation of a catalog starting from scratch.  Thankfully, I have Mary Jane to help guide me through the process and answer all of my questions!

Amanda Fonorow, Intern:  I am also a second-year graduate student at UNC-Greensboro.  This is my last semester before graduation, and I am feeling more and more strongly that I would like to pursue a career in cataloging.  I have completed one other cataloging internship and I’m currently working at UNC-Greensboro in the Digital Projects division of Jackson library.  It has been wonderful to try out different aspects of librarianship and find the best fit for me.  So far, I’m really enjoying my work at the Furniture Library.  If, after graduation, I can find a job that I enjoy this much, grad school will have been well worth it!




Meaghan Wade, Intern: I am a senior at High Point University majoring in Home Furnishings and minoring in History and Art History. I am learning a lot about librarianship and cataloging in the hope that it will serve me well in the future! As a history buff, I love looking at the older books in the collection as well as learning how to create a database of the book collection. 


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