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Oversize Foreign Language Labels

One difficulty we have come up against with our labeling process is that of how to fit everything in the allotted space.  The labels print a little low so with items that have an oversize tag, language tag,  cutters, date, and/or volume numbers it gets a little tight.  In order to get the ‘Oversize’ to print at all on the FL books we are having to put the tag in the Branch field temporarily and then move it after the labels are printed back to location with the FL tag. The labeling system isn’t perfect but so far we haven’t come against any obstacles that we couldn’t work around.


A little help from our friend the internet

For anyone out there working on a similar project here is a list of websites we are finding useful:

LibraryWorld: We are using this web-based library automation service to catalog and store all of our records.

WorldCat: Very helpful in locating records not available in LibraryWorld and in finding the correct spelling for foreign-language titles, also helpful for call numbers.

Roman Numerals Calculator: I only know x, i, and v.

Library of Congress class schedules: good for checking call numbers.

OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards: What field should I use?

Google Translate: While not really necessary, this site has a virtual keyboard that can be helpful with diacritics.  Plus it is really fun when computers say things in foreign languages.

More Tips

We have been discovering small glitches in our system as we are working through the labeling process.  So in an attempt to prevent others from having to spend a lot of time going back and changing their work, here are a few tips for anyone using LibraryWorld to print labels:

  • If you have a collection numbering in the 100-999 range and are supplying your own barcode numbers, use three digit numbers from the start.  If your collection is 1000+ use four digit barcode numbers.  And so on.  When running Catalog Label reports for printing, the system includes single digit numbers and double digit numbers along with the three digit numbers.  So for example if you are printing barcode numbers 880-889, numbers 8 and 88 will be included on your report if they aren’t numbered as 008 and 080.
  • Volume numbers print according to the Local Call Number field, so if you have say a 3 volume set, the record will have only one Local Call Number field with no volumes added, and will just print out three call number labels without any volumes.  We haven’t found a way to fix this yet but will let you know as soon as we do.

Tip Jar

Some advice for others doing a similar project:

  • If possible make sure you have your labels and labeling materials before you start cataloging. This is a good way to avoid taking away valuable cataloging time to work through your backlog of cataloged books.
  • Acquire a book cart to house items in transition.  Although there is plenty of room to stack books around the library, a book cart or two would go a long way towards keeping things a little more organized.
  • Measure your shelves before you start cataloging and make decisions on the oversize collection.
  • If you are using LibraryWorld, it is a lot faster when searching for books with commonly used titles (like Antiques or Shakers) to type in title info plus author or ISBN.