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The End

We have finally finished the entire cataloging project! We ended up with a little over 5,000 volumes being cataloged. It has been a great experience and I will miss working with Karla and Charles and everyone at the Furniture Library.

Rare Books Room


Rare Books With Book Slips


Diderot Encyclopedias






Diderot encyclopedias

Possible 1st edition.

3rd and New editions mixed.

We have two sets of these, one seems complete, the other is a combination of the 3rd and Nouvelle editions.  I’m not sure yet what edition the older set is.


Horse trees.




The Graphic

We have the first issue of this magazine from the mid-1800s.


An article about a shipwreck, including a drawing of the action.

The Cabinet-maker’s and upholsterer’s…

We have so many copies/versions of this!  It is going to take a few days just to figure out what is what and what.


Beautiful colors



I need one of these chairs.


I need one of these too.


Inigo Jones

We have a few items in the Rare Books Room with designs by Inigo Jones, a famous British architect.




Sort of the end of Phase II

We are nearing completion of the second phase (upstairs) of the cataloging project.  We only have a few hard-to-find items left to catalog, and then some reorganization of the magazine collection and we will be ready to move on to the Rare Books Room Phase.


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