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FL, large-os, etc.

This week at the Furniture Library has been one of new projects.  We started (and finished) cataloging the super-oversize English-language books.  We also started on the foreign-language regular-size part of the collection.  Cataloging these is going better than I expected, with records for only about a quarter of the items unavailable in LibraryWorld.  So far I have cataloged books in Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.  The bulk of the collection so far has been in Italian.

Karla and Meaghan started on a new project of going through the bookstore section of the library and searching the catalog for all of the titles.  When they find one that we don’t have in the permanent collection Karla is moving it from the store into the main library.  So far they have added around 100 new titles I would guess.  Amanda, Mary Jane, and I have been keeping busy too, with the addition of so many new books, beginning the FL collection, and adding in records that we can’t find in LibraryWorld.  Lets just hope we can find a place for it all on the shelves!