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First month in review

This week we passed the one month mark, and I think so far the project is progressing at good pace.  We have cataloged a little over 1600 books, working our way through almost all of the English-language collection, with the exception of a few more oversize books.  We will hopefully be starting in on the foreign-language section next week.  This probably takes up less than a third of the collection, but we will have to wait and see how quickly we can work through it depending on the availability of good records in LibraryWorld.

Other than that our main emphasis over the last week has been in shelving.  We have been trying to figure out the best way to organize all of the various sections including: regular size English-language, regular size foreign-language, oversize English-language, oversize foreign-language, and super oversize.  While the photographers for the library’s new website were in on Wednesday Amanda, Meaghan, and I took a section out of one of the shelves so that we could shelve our oversize books.  However, we quickly realized that they were not all going to fit on one shelf, so we shelved all that we could and decided to adjust our shelving plan accordingly.  We were going to have one room of regular size English-language books and another room containing oversize and foreign-language, but due to space constraints we decided to go with one room of regular size, English and FL, and one room of all oversize.  We may be changing this in the future but for now I guess it is all part of the learning process.


Giant book vs regular book

Some of the books in the collection are so large that they fit only on the bottom sections of the tall oversize shelves.  We have decided to label these as ‘large-os’ as opposed to our general ‘oversize’ tag so they can all go in the same place.

Giant book as compared to a regular 28 cm book.

































New Oversize Shelf

We are almost finished with the English-language oversize part of the collection!  Our first plan  for room organization was to use the two shelves in one room to hold all of the regular size English-language books, and to use the two shelves in the other room to hold the oversize and foreign-language parts of the collection.  After taking a section out of one of the shelves today and adding as many oversize as possible, we realized we will need more than those two shelves for those parts of the collection.  We are thinking of using part of the regular-size room for the regular-size foreign- language books.