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The Furniture Library is currently in the process of not only cataloging their collection, but of creating a new website as well.  On Wednesday last week the photographers for the site were at the library for most of the day taking some photos of the library, as well as a few of those of us working on the collection.

Karla and Meaghan


Meaghan shelving.


I really like this one on old English mansions

Title page.


I'm not sure what this has to do with mansions but I like it.

A Book Deferred

What happens to a book deferred?

So far we have collected a little over 50 books that we can find no records for using LibraryWorld.  Mary Jane started training me on the process for cataloging these last week, and I started on our first stack today.  For records not in the UNCG catalog we are using WorldCat to search for matching records, then finding a library with an available record in marc format that we can reference to build our record.  Some books are either alternate editions of books already in our catalog, or are really similar to some we already have. In these cases we can just duplicate the record in LibraryWorld and modify as necessary.  For those with no similar records we have to build them from scratch using our reference records from WorldCat, which is a little more time consuming but not too bad.

Our deferred books so far. Not too bad considering we have cataloged over 1,000.

So far using WorldCat I have found a few OPACs to be really consistent and to have good marc records.  Besides UNCG I really like:

UNC Chapel Hill – All of the libraries in the UNC system are pretty consistent but so far UNC-CH has been the best for furniture searching.

MOMA – Museum of Modern Art Dadabase, I find a lot of furniture and design books here.

SCAD – Savannah College of Art and Design, also a great resource for furniture and design cataloging.