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Meaghan being interviewed for future website content.










This week we passed the 2000-item mark!  We also got our new bookends today and Justin, Katie, and I took apart another shelf to make room for more oversize.  Amanda is still busy cataloging items from the bookstore and I am working my way through the foreign-language collection.

We are putting our small pamphlets in plastic sleeves so they don't get lost on the shelves.



We are moving right along with our foreign-language cataloging this week.  Today I cataloged a book in Finnish, which I didn’t even know was a language.


We are about halfway through our regular-size foreign language collection and then we will be moving on to our final section: foreign-language oversize.  So far we haven’t had any trouble with labels, but we will see how long that lasts once we start adding oversize and volume numbers to our FL call numbers.