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We have one side of this shelf labeled and a few sections on the other side.


Book Truck!

The Beginning/Middle of Week Three

Week three is turning out to be quite exciting!

Today we reached the 1000-books-cataloged stage!  So far we have cataloged all of the regular-size English language books from both book rooms.  We started on the oversize this afternoon, and once we work our way through those we can turn our attention to the foreign language collection.  The only difference in our oversize cataloging technique is that we are adding a location tag (we decided to go with “oversize”) at the top of the call number, designating that the book is shelved in the oversize section.

We also got our book cart in yesterday!  We will be able to better organize our various stacks by using the cart for books in the transition phase from cataloging to labeling, similar to the way we do it at Jackson Library.

Mary Jane came in on Monday afternoon and cataloged all of our serials and helped us decide on supplies, like bookshelf labels and spine repair tape.  For the remainder of the week, she and I will be working on cataloging books that have no record available in LibraryWorld.  Stay tuned for more information on how that turns out.